The Process

bringing it together



We’ll set up some time to chat with an introductory call.  We’ll get to know each other, and discuss your goals, timelines, and I can provide some high-level package options.


Deep Dive

Once we’re agreed on a package, timeline and plan, we’ll regroup to spend some time digging deep into your brand—who you are now and where you’re looking to go. This is typically a one-hour session with me on zoom or in person if you’re local—though this can be broken into multiple sessions for larger projects like a brand/website with copy.



With the information you’ve provided during our initial chats, I’ll do some additional research of my own and get to work creating your initial drafts or concepts (think logo concepts, a website wireframe, or the first draft of your copy.) With most projects, I’ll be creating an agreed-upon number of initial concepts (like 3 logo concepts) so that you have options that reflect some of our initial ideas and discussions. It’s always easier to react to something you’re seeing live than try to imagine what you *might* like!



I’ll present the initial work to you, and together we’ll work to refine it from there over. Don’t be shy—I love partnership and believe my best work comes with your feedback and input! Most projects will include a set number of revisions with deadlines for both of us to provide feedback and necessary content, so that we can stay on track for your delivery date.



Once you’re over-the-moon happy with your creative project, I’ll bundle everything up for you—like multiple file types, color options, passwords, uploading templates to Canva—whatever you need to take it from there. Some projects, like website design, will include a tutorial session with me or ongoing support from here. However we close it out, I’ll be cheering for you and standing by for your launch. 

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